What is Datash?

Datash helps you to send or receive text or file from one device to another one through browser, it doesn't require any login or registration. It usesend-to-endencryption with1024bitpublic/private key and encrypts data with recipient public key before sending which ensures sending to the right person.

How to use?

If you want to send something to someone, go todatash.coand also let recipient open the same link, select the files or enter text you want to send and enter theRecipient IDshown on the top of centered control panel of recipient device, then hitSend Securelybutton to let it encrypt and send to your recipient device.

How does it work?

On the startup of the application, it createspublic/private key-pair, asymmetric keyand stores those on your browser. After that the server assigns a4 digit IDfor your current session as an identification entity.

If we decompose the whole process into several steps it would be like below:

Generate Keys
On the startup, it generates public/private key-pair and a symmetric key
Assign ID
Server assigns an unique, short and memorable ID
Hit the send button
Encrypt with Symmetric key
Encrypts data with the symmetric key
Encrypt Symmetric Key
Encrypts the symmetric key with the recipient public key
Upload Data
Uploads encrypted data and encrypted symmetric key to server
Send to Recipient
Server searches the recipient and send the encrypted data
Receive Data
Recipient device receives encrypted data
Decrypt Symmetric Key
Recipient decrypts the encrypted symmetric Key with private key
Decrypt Data
Decrypts the encrypted data with symmetric Key
Save Data
Finally, it saves data in decrypted form
Download or Copy
Download or copy the received data